PicMarkr Pro: The First Announce

Good news for our users:
We’re developing Windows version of our service called PicMarkr Pro. I hope it will be ready in the early of April May, 2008.
Pre-order available, see below for details.

This software will help you to protect your photos and images with custom watermark the most convenient way.
You can use this software to:

  • Watermark you existing Flickr photos
  • Backup you Flickr photos (yes, you’ll be able to select and download any number of photos)
  • Watermark your new photos and upload them to Flickr

The idea behind is very simply and consists of three easy steps:

  1. Import images
  2. Add watermark
  3. Save your watermarked photos or upload them to Flickr.

And in PicMarkr Pro there’re some additional features:

  • Applying watermark to unlimited number of photos in a batch mode
  • Ability to make your own presets or to change existing preset settings (opacity, font, background etc)
  • Number of professional-look watermark presets
  • Replacement of watermarked images on Flickr.
    PicMarkr Pro will preserve image title, description and comments.

PicMarkr Pro will be distributed as a shareware product for $21.99 USD.
You can pre-order this application with a discount for only $14.90 USD.


Updates Are Coming!

I’d like to tell you about some small feature updates in PicMarkr. I talk about most requested features:

  • Changing watermark opacity
  • Importing images  from  Google Picasa and Facebook. Uploading images to your Google Picasa and Facebook albums.
  • A few new presets

We’re planning to make these updates in the next week or two.
So stay tuned and subscribe to our RSS Feed to be notified when we launch new features.

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