12 Must Have Flickr Scripts. Part 2.

The first part is here:
12 Must Have Flickr Scripts. Part 1.

Lets take a closer look at these interesting scripts for improving your Flickr productivity.

  1. Flickr Contacts Organizer (install script)
    A script for Firefox that lets you tag your contacts so you can keep up with their photostreams and contact them more easily.
  2. Flickr MultiMailer (install script)
    Lets you send Flickr Mail to multiple recipients at once. It has mailing list feature, that lets you save a group of contacts as a mailing list. Extremely useful! 
  3. Flickr Group Pool Admin: Warn+Delete (install script)
    Have a Flickr Group? This script is for you! It lets you single click to remove images from a group pool, delete all a users images from a pool, also easily mail a user, kick, ban or promote a user all from the group pool page itself.
  4. Flickr Favorite Users (install script)
    Shows, on the main contact page, your “favorite users” on Flickr.
    These are the user owning photos you have favorited. They are sorted by the number of favorites you have from them.
    Also works on other user’s contacts page so that you see which user they favorited the most.
  5. Flickr Photo Rank (install script)
    The script queries Flickr for rank of the current photo in explore. The result is displayed on the photo page in additional information.
  6. Flickr AllSizes+ (install script)
    Access all sizes for a Flickr photo. Copy the code, download the image and much more. Fully customizable through a Settings panel. Auto-updates itself for newer versions.

Hope, these scripts will help you and make your Flickr experience better.
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12 Must Have Flickr Scripts. Part 1.

I’ve found a nice and easy way to make Flickr presence better.
I talk about user generated scripts for improving Flickr features.

For using these scripts you must install Gracemonkey – a small (just 100kb) but very useful extension for Firefox.
It allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript.

So, lets get on and add some features to our Flickr account.

  1. Flickr Photo Page Enhancer (install script)
    Adds links to different sizes directly to a Flickr photo page, generates html code to easily copy-paste thumbnail & description, and automatically loads your 20 most used tags when you click “Add Tag.”
  2. Flickr – Multi Group Sender (install script)
    This script enables you to easily send your Flickr images to multiple groups at the same time. It works by overriding the normal “Send To Group” button on your flickr photo page.
  3. Flickr Photostream Graphr (install script)
    Display a graph of how often your photostream has been viewed.
  4. Flickr Rich Edit (install script)
    Adds a simple rich edit interface (Bold, Italic, Blockquote, Link) input textarea in Flickr where you can use HTML.
  5. Flickr Groups Organizer (install script)
    This script lets you tag/categorise your groups and also easily quit groups from your groups list page.
  6. Flickr Titles And Descriptions Batch Tools (install script)
    It adds various tools for editing titles and descriptions in the organizer. Including search and replace text in titles and descriptions, append text to titles/descriptions, Copy description, title or tags from first image to all images in batch.

More scripts in the next post!
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Update: 12 Must Have Flickr Scripts. Part 2.